More like, A Series In Suffering While Looking At Myself On A Downbeat. JEEEESUUUUSSSS CHRIISST. And like the idiot that I am, I’m always surprised when I see race pictures. But I shouldn’t be surprised.  It plays out the same every time. The page loads and I think, “YEEESHHH KABAB!”

I never learn.

2017 NYC Half — me realizing my GPS was off and I actually don’t have time to FUCKING WALK THE LAST PART. What a cocky piece of shit I was.

^^ the definition of reaping what you sow #ihatemyself

so. much. flesh. whatever. my body is a body and it giggles 🙁 🙁 🙁

LOLOLOLOLOL green shirt and green screen excellence. Thanks Long Island Marathon.

So how does someone get a good race photo? Asking for a friend…

Anyone out there want to send over their bad race photos to be part of this series? So I’m not alone in highlighting my belly giggle or pain-cave face? Looking at you MARTA…